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LWC Power Ranker S35 Week 3

Hello all, and welcome back to the “Unofficial Official” Power Rankings covering MTV’s The Challenge. These power rankings will be a combination of episode performance, TV time (including interviews and conversations), and drama (whether they were involved, plus the added significance of it). These power rankings carry over from week to week! * These power rankings are completely spoiler free! *

Love, jealousy, and an underdog rising to the top defined this episode form start to finish. Dee and Rogan are trying to get one over on each other, which is making this game an emotion one. A endurance daily and elimination called Decode & Detonate and Take Shelter respectfully, put the challengers to the test with long endurance and a mental twist to figure out the details to keep the power in the game. Ct vs Jay was an entertaining elimination in which they whole house was underestimating Jay, all while trash talking his strategy. Now with two red skulls Jay is either the man with the power, or has painted an even bigger target on his back.

1. Jay Confessionals: 11 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 11 (+10)

Just like that, Jay, the ultimate underdog, took out CT. The house thought Jay was a lay-up and an easy win. This elimination was Jay’s to lose. With his performance against CT, it brings the feeling of Jay being able to send anyone home in this elimination. Jay also hooked up with Dee, even if she was doing it to be petty. Finally, Jay never backed down from the bigger Rogan, barking back at everything he said. Jay may be a rookie, but he has a clear understanding of how this game works, he’s just on the wrong side of the numbers.

2. Dee Confessionals: 7 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 2 (-)

This was a roller coaster of a week for Dee. From fighting with Rogan, to making out with Jay right in front of him, followed up by still saying Rogan is her #1 in the house. This relationship drama isn’t going away until one of them gets sent home. It’s yet to be seen if Dee and Rogan can work together or if one of them will strike on the other first, out of spite. Dee has been in the power for most of this season early on and she should look to continue that next week.

3. Bananas Confessionals: 9 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 8 (+5)

This was an interesting week for the Banana man. He didn’t have an impression on the daily challenge outside of trying to mess up Ashley. That is the start of why Bananas moves up. He created a small drama storyline out of thin air and the edit rolled with it. He got under Ashley’s skin and had many in the house trying to vote him out yet was saved by Wes and his confidence will only continue to grow the longer this pairing stay together.

4. Cory Confessionals: 6 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 3 (-1)

This is the ranking that got the most heat on our Live Hit List show. Cory has been strong this season, that includes being in multiple Tribunals, have plenty of camera time, and he’s not even involved in any drama. He’s more connected than original thought, as was seen with him and Kailah being able to work together. Cory’s only negative from this episode what the attention his bff Nelson brought to the group.

5. Rogan Confessionals: 8 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 4 (-1)

Jealousy can leave a salty taste in one’s mouth. No matter the person, seeing your ex stand 5-feet from you and make out with another person would be difficult for anyone. Rogan is slowly getting caught up in the emotional game wanting to target Jay for hooking up with Dee, yet if still not over Dee that he wants to work with her even though she hurt him this week. Rogan was begging to get voted into elimination, and it’s looking like he’s going to have to wait at least two more weeks before he gets the chance to prove himself and go into elimination.

6. Jenny Confessionals: 1 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 1 (-5)

Poor Jenny, she was the victim of the drama involving others as she was just a supporting character this week. Not a terrible performance in the daily, yet not enough of an impact outside of the physical game to keep her top spot from last week. With next week being a female elimination day, look for Jenny to come back swinging so she can have more control in this game.

7. Wes Confessionals: 4 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 5 (-2)

Wes is an interesting drop this week. He was very entertaining, strategic, and completely controlled where the house when in the vote. Showing that he is more loyal than people give him credit for ill go a long way with Bananas. This pairing just has natural chemistry and are a delight to watch as they try to punk and mess with many of the cast members together.

8. Bayleigh Confessionals: 3 Daily Finish: 2nd Last Week: 18 (+10)

Tied for the biggest jump this week Bayleigh come out to play and got her first individual win in the daily. She is proving to have great awareness of this game already, just by seeing her copy one letter off of another’s board. In the challenge it’s, win by any means necessary and it solidified her into the Tribunal. However, her lack of bargaining while in the Tribunal is what kept her from moving up more than she did.

9. Tori Confessionals: 5 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 10 (+1)

Tori is benefiting from CT, Jordan, and Fessy making big drops this week. Tori is finding herself to be in the scene of all things going on as she’s consistently getting plenty of confessionals even when she’s not the focus. Tori is hungry for a red skull and will look to try her hand at going into elimination again. Tori continues to be who the producers go to for quick hits on the house, and with her camera time, it’s hard to knock her down.

10. Swaggy C Confessionals: 4 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 15 (+5)

Last week I felt that Swaggy didn’t really belong on the challenge. Not saying he isn’t allowed or that he’s terrible. Bayleigh just outshines him in all aspects. Being able to make sure he was safe and in the Tribunal on back to back weeks is huge. Swaggy C has been moving up steadily each week. If he has another fine performance in the next daily, he could move up more. The only thing missing is the little mistakes like not using your power to gain information or favors in return, but that will come with time. Swaggy C is fitting in more and more each week.

11. Jordan Confessionals: 1 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 7 (-4)

12. Fessy Confessionals: 1 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 6 (-6)

13. Ashley Confessionals: 5 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 17 (+4)

14. Bear Confessionals: 2 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 14 (-)

15. Aneesa Confessionals: 4 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 20 (+5)

16. Kailah Confessionals: 3 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 22 (+6)

17. Kyle Confessionals: 0 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 12 (-5)

18. Josh Confessionals: 1 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 13 (-5)

19. Nany Confessionals: 2 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 21 (-2)

20. Nelson Confessionals: 4 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 25 (+5)

21. Big T Confessionals: 1 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 19 (-2)

22. Mattie Confessionals: 1 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 21 (-1)

23. Melissa Confessionals: 2 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 24 (+1)

24. Kaycee Confessionals: 1 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 23 (-1)

25. Jenna Confessionals: 1 Daily Finish: T-3rd Last Week: 26 (+1)

26. CT Confessionals: 11 Daily Finish: 1st Last Week: 9 (-15)

This is yet another victim to the winner of that weeks daily, nominating themselves into elimination and losing. CT looked good in the daily, coming in first over the other 25 competitors who are all in better shape. CT felt confident going into elimination as he should, his track record in one-on-one eliminations is great. However, this is the one factor all eliminations have and that is they can be risky. CT’s ack appeared to tighten up and hinder him in this elimination over time. From a fan’s perspective, CT losing this elimination is great for him in the long run. This will serve as motivation to get into better shape coming into his next season.

Jenn Finished 27th

Asaf Finished 28th

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