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Copy of LWC Power Ranker: Week 14

War of the Worlds 2

Power Rankings – Week 14

Hello all, and welcome back to the “Unofficial Official” Power Rankings covering MTV’s The Challenge. These power rankings will be a combination of episode performance, TV time (including interviews and conversations), and drama (whether they were involved, plus the added significance of it). These power rankings carry over from week to week! * These power rankings are completely spoiler free! *

The final is just around the corner, over the next two weeks, their will be new champions and multiple members added to the 3x championship club.

The final episode before the two part final challenge presented a fun daily challenge in Mind the Kart. CT stepped out of Team USAs shadow and made a power move to protect his final 5 for Team UK. Jordan continues to show up for all competitions and Nanys final dream was pushed to the side by Ashley who seeks her 3rd title.

1. Jordan TV Time: B+ Drama: B- Last Week: 1 (-)

Jordan continues to dominate all aspects of the challenge. This week he was positioned to do all the swimming for team UK and he handedly beat Team USA on his own. What keeps his spot this week at number 1 is that with him dominating the daily challenge and planting seeds to keep himself and Tori safe to CT, ended up working in the end. Without his performance, Tori gets sent into elimination.

2. CT TV Time: A- Drama: A Last Week: 4 (+2)

Every vet has that time in a season when they just pull off the right move at the right time and CT did that this week. Finally making a move that benefits himself more than it benefits Team USA and setting himself up to potentially win a third championship (not counting his Champs vs Stars wins).

3. Ashley TV Time: A Drama: B+ Last Week: 9 (+6)

Ashley's elimination wind comes at the right time. Losing right before a final is the worst way to go out. Even when stacking the odds against herself (running the wrong way) Ashley crushed the final puzzle and securing herself in her 3rd final. This is the place where she can really shine and bring out her best to help her squad.

4. Tori TV Time: B+ Drama: B Last Week: 2 (-2)

During the daily Tori performance was excellent while working alongside Rogan. The pair won both of their heats and that helped keep Tori safe in the game. A very strong season could end in a big way if she can step up better than her first final performance back on Dirty XXX.

5. Rogan TV Time: B Drama: A- Last Week: 3 (-2)

CT put Rogan in a hilarious spot after Team UK won, by nominating him for the Tribunal. The reaction of Dee glaring had Rogan shook and stuttering. A great performance in the daily and a little drama with Paulie keep him in the top 5. Now, it's time for the last UK member to show up and prove his last long run wasn't a proper representation of himself.

6. Paulie TV Time: B Drama: B+ Last Week: 8 (+2)

A decent week that had its ups and downs ended on a high note with almost an entire alliance staying together and going to a final on Team USA. Paulie is now entering his 2nd final and is hungry for a win. His interaction with Rogan was interesting this week and the questions will start to come up if his performance lacks in the final, that is his head in the right place after the last Tribunal.

7. Zach TV Time: B+ Drama: B Last Week: 7 (-)

Zach has slowly grown into a narrator of sorts this season. Giving strong performances in the dailys is norm, however he is showing his ability to carry an episode even when he's not the focal point of drama. A shining spot this week might just be his teamwork with Ninja in the daily challenge and how he was more positive than negative.

8. Cara TV Time: B Drama: C+ Last Week: 11 (+3)

Nobody can fault Cara this episode. While not everything went her way, she didn't back down to the idea of racing against Jordan in swimming, not once but twice. This just proves that Cara will always step up when her teammates aren't able to as well. Everything has fallen into place and now her time to run a final with her new found friends is alive and well.

9. Kam TV Time: C Drama: C Last Week: 5 (-4)

This was an uncharacteristic week for Kam. With only 1 true interview and not being able to stand out on the daily, combined with no control in the game let her drop. Kam all season has been in control of the strategy for her alliance, so even with the bad week, all had gone according to plan, at least for the Team USA side.

10. Leroy TV Time: B- Drama: C+ Last Week: 12 (+2)

Lee did everything he could to protect Nany (outside of getting her into the actual alliance). Nothing to note from the daily as all of Team USA got worked due to the swimming. Lee is in a good spot to win that coveted championship that has eluded him throughout his career.

11. Dee TV Time: B Drama: B Last Week: 10 (-1)

Despite multiples best wishes, Dee went out and proved she could be a player in this game and make the final. This season started off strong for Dee and has been an emotional rollercoaster the past few weeks. Until the final horn blows, her ability to perform in a final will be talked about. It's time to put up or shut up.

12. Ninja TV Time: C- Drama: C+ Last Week: 13 (+1)

Ninja finds herself on the bottom yet again due to the lack of an edit she gets. With only two true interviews this week, it shows her edit isn't for the drama wanted. While she was on screen a couple of times, it was either in silence in the room with her alliance, getting votes to go into elimination, or losing the daily challenge. Ninja is supposed to be a dominating competitor and next week will be the time to rise to the occasion and prove her worth in a final again.

Nany Finished 13th

Just like that, Nanys dream of a final win were gone just as fast as Ashley reaches the puzzle in the elimination. This season Nany was on the bottom and considered a layup within her own team to some. Even with all that against her, Nany was real close to making another final. If Nany does come back, she needs to establish more connections outside of her alliance.

Josh - Finished 14th

Joss - Finished 15th (Purged)

Kayleigh - Finished 16th (Purged)

Jenny - Finished 17th

Theo - Finished 18th

Georgia - Finished 19th

Turbo - Finished 20th (DQ)

Idris - Finished 21st

Kyle - Finished 22nd

Esther - Finished 23rd

Bear - Finished 24th

Nicole - Finished 25th 

Bananas - Finished 26th 

Laurel - Finished 27th

Wes - Finished 28th

Tula “Big T” - Finished 29th

Faith - Finished 30th (Quit)

Zahida - Finished 31st (Family)

Sean - Finished 32nd

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