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LWC Power Ranker: Week 13

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

War of the Worlds 2

Power Rankings – Week 13

Hello all, and welcome back to the “Unofficial Official” Power Rankings covering MTV’s The Challenge. These power rankings will be a combination of episode performance, TV time (including interviews and conversations), and drama (whether they were involved, plus the added significance of it). These power rankings carry over from week to week! * These power rankings are completely spoiler free! *

With the lines officially drawn, it was time to put up or shut up with a daily challenge that ended in a purge. We got to see Dee prove her doubters (slightly) wrong, and has some damage control to do with the relationship with Rogan. This episode highlighted the final 3 power couples in the house and also featured one of the most strategically played eliminations.

1. Jordan TV Time: A Drama: B- Last Week: 4 (+3)

This week Jordan continued his dominance he's had all season with our rankings format. He had the most interviews, crushed the daily challenge, took his nomination like a champ, and then delivered one of the most clutch elimination performances of all time.

2. Tori TV Time: B+ Drama: C+ Last Week: 1 (-1)

Tori had a strong week performance wise. With little drama surrounding, it was time to just show up to work and clock in another strong showing. Tori is continuing to show just how good she is at this game and in challenges.

3. Rogan TV Time: A Drama: A Last Week: 6 (+3)

The relationship saga appears over with Dee, his best friend has been sent home, and yet Rogan is still protected through his alliance. A very strong performance in the daily as well as lots of camera time move Rogan up into the top 3.

4. CT TV Time: B Drama: B- Last Week: 7 (+3)

Making what might be the smartest move if the game in choosing to swim alone, worked for CT. Whenever you have a chance to put your faith in the game in your own hands, you do so. CT stuck to his alliance that has helped get him this far by voting in Jordan. At some point CT is going to make a solo decision away from his alliance.

5. Kam TV Time: B Drama: C+ Last Week: 2 (-3)

Kam had a deceptive episode. During the daily it appeared her swim time was slow due to having Lee as a partner, however she was just behind Rogan for a majority of the swim. During the episode Kam got plenty of camera time. What moves her down slightly is the combined work of the UK doing a little more and Kam losing two top alliance members in Kayleigh and Joss.

6. Nany TV Time: B- Drama: C Last Week: 9 (+3)

This was a great week for Nany. She did an amazing job on the swim, she continues to work well with her back against the wall. It was seen that a mending of bridges happened between Nany and Kam, which even if a game move was smart and good for her relationship with Lee.

7. Zach TV Time: B Drama: C Last Week: 8 (+1)

Another daily and another great showing for Zach. Not only was his swim time great, but his partner play was nice as well in working with Ashley. The commentary given throughout the episode has been fantastic as well. Add another Tribunal (which at this point seems like Zach's home every other week) and a jab at the other alliance move him up one spot this week.

8. Paulie TV Time: B Drama: B Last Week: 11 (+3)

Paulie had a great showing this week. A 2nd/3rd place finish in the daily as an individual. However, his #1 Cara has been struggling as of late. In the blink of an eye Paulie had the puzzle solved and single handedly helped team USA get yet another win. A good amount of camera time help move him up.

9. Ashley TV Time: B Drama: B- Last Week: 16 (+7)

Based on the words of others Ashley's pair was a top 3 pair in the daily challenge. Ashley also got into the Tribunal and had some good interactions with Jordan, as well as some solid interviews. If this keeps up, Ashley could find herself back in the top 5.

10.Dee TV Time: A- Drama: B+ Last Week: 13 (+3)

To many this was a huge week for Dee. She got a chance to prove to all that she is not the weakest swimmer in the show. The roller coaster ride with Rogan continues and might weight on Dee more if Rogan doesn't step up for her. The movement up is there, but being the 13/14 fastest swimmer isn't as impressive as the edit and build. It's a step in the right direction, CNA could be more if Dee continues to prove her doubters wrong.

11. Cara TV Time: C+ Drama: C+ Last Week: 3 (-8)

This was not a very positive episode for Cara. Bottom tier swim time almost knocked all the great gameplay in progress her and Paulie have been working on all season. This combined with police comments really start to bringing the thought that Cara is not mentally prepared for this final. Next week is the time to shine and get back to regular types of performance.

12. Leroy TV Time: B Drama: C+ Last Week: 5 (-7)

That gasp for air became very real, as seconds separated Leroy from staying in this game or getting purged. Thankfully for Lee it was the former. With a swimming purge out of the way, Lee can comfortably relax as the finals are within reach and around the corner.

13. Ninja TV Time: C Drama: C Last Week:  14 (+1)

Pros, Ninja was in the Tribunal. Cons, Ninja yet again did nothing in the daily challenge. Now, while this move was sneaky and selfish, it was a great play strategically. Lack of interviews/ TV time also contribute to the bottom ranking this week. Without the Tribunal, Ninja would've been off our screens even more this week.

Josh Finished 14th

Say what you may about Josh but he has been undervalued for his ability to play this game. A truly good season to be proud of. The loss is going to sting, but the growth is real. Also, going up against one of the best eliminators of all time is hard enough. This is an elimination Josh should learn from and move forward.

Joss Finished 15th

Joss played a great game all season. In the end what got him was his own loyalty, even to those who didn't earn their spot. This season will be a learning point for Joss going forward has to who to keep that will actually help him get to a final. Being one of the best physical challenges this has to be a season that will go down as a disappointment.

Kayleigh Finished 16th

Kayleigh didn't seem to really care that she was purged out. This season Kayleigh relied on her alliances and used those to progress in this game. If she is to come back, much needed emphasis on training should be her priority in the off-season.

Jenny Finished 17th

Theo Finished 18th

Georgia Finished 19th

Turbo Finished 20th (DQ)

Idris Finished 21st

Kyle Finished 22nd

Esther Finished 23rd

Bear Finished 24th

Nicole Finished 25th 

Bananas Finished 26th 

Laurel Finished 27th

Wes Finished 28th

Tula “Big T” Finished 29th

Faith Finished 30th (Quit)

Zahida Finished 31st (Family)

Sean Finished 32nd

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