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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

War of the Worlds 2

Power Rankings – Week 11

Hello all, and welcome back to the most unbiased power rankings covering MTV’s The Challenge. These power rankings will be a combination of episode performance, TV time (including interviews and conversations), and drama (whether they were involved, plus the added significance of it). These power rankings carry over from week to week! * These power rankings are completely spoiler free! *

This week no drama was needed to deliver a great episode, however that doesn't mean drama didn't ensue. The two power couples continue to jab at one another, team USA is still destroying team UK, and a "nail biting" elimination down on the killing floor. Back to back turncoats and a proposal that brought 99% of the cast together in "aww" topped off this week's episode.

1. Jordan TV Time: A+ Drama: A+ Last Week: 3 (+2)

What a wild episode for Jordan. This week it was shown that Jordan was involved in a lot of conversations and drama, did pretty good on the daily challenge considering it was climbing, and was able to extend his elimination record to 6-1 and took out this seasons best male eliminator. Jordan destroyed this elimination by a score of 12-6. The biggest thing this episode was the proposal to Tori. This showed a lighter side of Jordan, one where he completely paused the game and focused on real life. This was one of the sweetest moments to ever happen on a challenge. Now being over on team UK, it's time to see if Jordan can be a leader and actually make an impact on this game.

2. Tori TV Time: A+ Drama: A Last Week: 1 (-1)

Tori was robbed of a chance to perform in the daily by Rogan. Tori also received the most interviews this week. TV time was there and the proposal was the icing on the cake this week. Tori strong presence on the show keep her in the top 2 this week. Getting her now fiance on her side was also a huge win.

3. Paulie TV Time: A Drama: A Last Week: 5 (+2)

During the daily challenge Paulie was hands above the best competitor from both teams. This led to him being the leader of the Tribunal and taking more control of this game. Getting his choice of Jordan sent in worked, until the elimination started. Losing Theo still helps Paulie's game, but having to compete against Jordan might come back to bite him.

4. Cara TV Time: B+ Drama: A Last Week: 4 (-)

A lot can and has been said about Cara this episode. Her she didn't really do anything in the daily challenge, but she did have a lot of impact on this episode socially. She was in the tribunal and had the final deciding vote on who actually went in. People will point out Cara being "sour" (or whatever you want to call it) towards Jordan and Tori. The part that people are missing out is that she has no reason to be happy for someone if she doesn't feel like it. This holds no real relevance to the challenge so it's a mute point. Cara is in a strong spot to make yet another final.

5. Joss TV Time: B+ Drama: B Last Week: 7 (+2)

Joss was pretty dominant in the daily challenge, unfortunately for him, his teammates couldn't help deliver. Jaws also got a good amount of interviews and TV time. He's playing a very smart game right now by making moves and then quickly apologizing for it. This can be labeled as a scared game, but it's working.

6. Kam TV Time: B+ Drama: B Last Week:  11 (+5)

This will be the spot on the power rankings this week where views might disagree. Kam didn't do the best in the daily, and wasn't in the Tribunal. However, interviews play a big role in these rankings as Kam was constantly on the screen. For as much credit Paulie is getting, I'm positive Kam is making a bulk of these moves behind closed doors as well.

7. Rogan TV Time: B Drama: B Last Week: 6 (-1)

The biggest threat to Rogan's game has finally been eliminated. Being able to stick true to his alliance has been great, but now is the time for Rogan to make a move. Part of his alliance might be a liability going into a final, also keeping team USA strong will hurt his chances in a final. Rogan has a tough choice next week either way.

8. Zach TV Time: B Drama: B Last Week:  8 (-)

Zach was in the middle of the drama yet, he didn't partake in most of it. Wherever the dark clouds went Zach was near. During the episode Zach was bringing some comedic relief in what was a tense episode. A so-so performance in the daily would've dropped his stock if he wasn't in the tribunal. Yes, the formation of the tribunal is flawed but getting selected still keeps you safe. For these reasons Zach stays where he's at.

9. Josh TV Time: A- Drama: B+ Last Week: 18 (+9)

This whole episode was set up for Josh to go into elimination. Receiving the most interviews outside of those in the actual elimination or Tori. Josh confronted Cara, got in front of his whole team asking to be in the Tribunal, and all for nothing. It's clear Josh is the next on the chopping block for team USA'S men.

10. CT TV Time: C+ Drama: C+ Last Week: 9(-1)

CT put in a good effort in the daily challenge and was around the drama this week but didn't contribute much to it. Even going as far as walking away from the drama between Josh and Cara, instead of playing middle man.

11. Leroy TV Time: C Drama: C Last Week: 2 (-9)   Leroy takes the biggest fall of the week. Only having one interview, as well as not doing well in the daily contribute to this fall. Leroy is showing he doesn't need to do much to make it far in this game. It's hard to see a way Leroy doesn't make the final at this point.

12. Ashley TV Time: C Drama: C Last Week: 10 (-2)

Ashely got disqualified during the daily challenge and fell into the background when it came to drama. Ashley is two weeks removed from being #1, it's time to put up a good episode next week and get back in the top 10, otherwise another so-so performance and the tumble will continue.

13. Nany TV Time: B+ Drama: C+ Last Week: 15 (+2)

Nany did nothing in the daily challenge, but she dominated camera time by being top 5 in interviews this week. Many also was heavily involved in the back and forth drama between the different alliances within Team USA.

14. Jenny TV Time: C+ Drama: B- Last Week: 14 (-)

Jenny is a physical beast and appears to be pissed off at Team UK for sending in Georgia. Jenny is clearly voicing her frustration with the potential of having to run a final next to See and Kayleigh. While these frustrations make sense, it's time to make the most of the situation to get the money.

15. Ninja TV Time: C Drama: D Last Week: 17 (+2)

Ninja has zero interviews this week, which is crazy to think when over 50 plus different interviews aired this episode. What saves Ninja this week is being one of the best performers of this daily challenge. Not just visually, but her teammates even gave her praise as a top 3 performer this week. Even though, Ninja stood out physically, she'll need to get more TV time to move up this ranking.

16. Kayleigh TV Time: C Drama: B- Last Week:  12 (-4)

Kayleigh was not as active this week as she was last. Having a good social game paired with a strong alliance can get you far. However, failing to even participate in the challenge will have those teammates turning on you fast. It's time to perform to stay in this game.

17. Dee TV Time: C Drama: D Last Week: 16 (-1)

Dee was near invisible this episode outside of a couple interviews and a forgettable performance in the daily challenge. The killing floor will be calling her name if she doesn't stand out from Kayleigh next week.

Theo Finished 18th

What is season this was for Theo. having to battle from the bottom the entire time all will being team UK's best male player. going 3-1 in eliminations this season is a great way to keep adding to his early challenge resume. The numbers game played a role in Theo getting sent into elimination as much as he did, which eventually ran into the wall that is Jordan. Hopefully this isn't the last time Theo is seen on the challenge and can make a healthy recovery and dominate this game with a more social aspect.

Georgia Finished 19th

Turbo Finished 20th (DQ)

Idris Finished 21st

Kyle Finished 22nd

Esther Finished 23rd

Bear Finished 24th

Nicole Finished 25th 

Bananas Finished 26th 

Laurel Finished 27th

Wes Finished 28th

Tula “Big T” Finished 29th

Faith Finished 30th (Quit)

Zahida Finished 31st (Family)

Sean Finished 32nd

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