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LWC Power Ranker: Week 12

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

War of the Worlds 2

Power Rankings – Week 12

Hello all, and welcome back to the most unbiased power rankings covering MTV’s The Challenge. These power rankings will be a combination of episode performance, TV time (including interviews and conversations), and drama (whether they were involved, plus the added significance of it). These power rankings carry over from week to week! * These power rankings are completely spoiler free! *

This week's episode lacked in Team USA vs. Team UK battling and more of internal choices to make. A thrown daily challenge took away what looked to be a fun one. Divide in who each team wants to run a final with as it approaches. Rogan creates tension, and Tori steps up as baddest woman this season. The Proving Ground elimination Hall Brawl is one that will be talked about and shown in highlights for ages.

1. Tori TV Time: A Drama: B Last Week: 2 (+1)

Choo Choo, train Tori just ran through Jenny and this episode. This episode had it all for Tori. Joy and celebration of the engagement, failure on the daily challenge, and one of the most dominating Hall Brawl performances of all time. At this point it's hard to see a final without Tori, that said with back to back weeks of so-so daily performances, it's time to step up and dominate a daily just like she did the eliminations.

2. Kam TV Time: A+ Drama: A+ Last Week: 6 (+4)

Kam was everywhere this week. Was the defender for the girls of team USA and took out Jenny. Being named the speaker for her team and the Tribunal is still a big enough deal because it allowed Kam to drive the ship they way she feels. Calling out Jenny was smart and it worked. Now, the drama with Leroy. Kam and Nany got into it over Leroy as both feel the other is in the wrong. Kam was showing a controlling side over Lee which also showed how strong if a hold she has on this game currently.

3. Cara TV Time: B+ Drama: B+ Last Week: 4 (+1)

Cara was not happy this week with the engagement celebration of Tori and Jordan. Refusing to show up to the party and celebrating for somebody she dislikes. Cara, also was able through her alliance to pit her two biggest competitive enemies into elimination against each other. This episode might leave a bad tayse for Cara to some but she stayed true to herself and was successful in getting Jenny out through her alliance.

4. Jordan TV Time: B+ Drama: B Last Week: 1 (-3)

Jordan takes a small fall this week due to his team throwing the daily, but doesn't fall too far just based on how strong of a presence he has. When your number 1 does great it also helps your case. What also helps Jordan this week was the good amount of TV time and interviews he got.

5. Leroy TV Time: A+ Drama: A+ Last Week: 11 (+6)

A big bounce back week for Leroy shoots him up into the top 5 this week. From start to finish, Leroy was on the screen. No participation in the daily was unfortunate, although he did get involved in action all episode. The frame was thick around Lee this week. Both Kam and Many were defending Lee and all it showed was that Lee is in a safe place going forward.

6. Rogan TV Time: B+ Drama: A Last Week: 7 (+1)

This week Rogan set a plan, and it was about 90% done with side plan until his emotions came into play. if Rogan wants to get Dee voted into elimination it just needs to happen as soon as possible, put into the universe and then pulling it back is only going to upset Dee.

7. CT TV Time: B+ Drama: A+ Last Week: 10 (+3)

CT again take the side and decided to throw the daily challenge himself. after he then later confronted Dee and told her that she was out for possible elimination. No matter how you feel about these moves, they were bold nonetheless. what's crazy is that even though CT through the challenge Rogan has a bigger target on his back.

8. Zach TV Time: B Drama: C+ Last Week: 8 (-)

Zack staying at number eight this week is for all of his camera time and vocal performances. He gave a heartfelt toast at the engagement party, and provided comedic relief for much of this episode. He technically did win for his team in the daily, but that's a whole different situation.

9. Nany TV Time: A Drama: A Last Week: 13 (+4)

Nany again did not participate in the daily challenge. And now on to the positive where she shined majority this episode in camera time. Nany even stepped up and called out Kam. Nany is playing this game with confidence and was even named to be in the Tribunal. While more is left to be desired, next week is the time to shine for Nany if she wanted to stay in this game and move up the rankings.

10. Joss TV Time: B- Drama: C+ Last Week: 5 (-5)

Joss was a part of the alliance at took a major risk this week. The real drama for Joss was completely being okay with Rogan throwing in his number one girl all were protecting Kayleigh. This would've been a perfect daily challenge for Joss had he participated.

11. Paulie TV Time: C+ Drama: C+ Last Week: 3 (-8)

For the first time in a long time, Paulie finds himself outside of the top-10. Paulie took a break from the game and put his differences aside all while partaking in the engagement celebration. After that Paulie was only involved in the Deep drama(slightly) and didn't get a chance to shine in the daily challenge. If history repeats itself, hell move back up the list sooner than later.

12. Josh TV Time: D+ Drama: D Last Week: 9 (-3)

This week was less of an impact week for Josh as he was on the sidelines for most of the episode. Mainly voicing his dismay from afar, he'll need to be involved in more action to move back up next week. 

13. Dee TV Time: B+ Drama: B Last Week: 17 (+4)

Something needs to be made clear here. Yes, Dee had plenty of TV time and drama involvement. However, most of this tv time was at her exposure to her own team. Even without being voted into elimination, and being with the largest alliance, she finds herself at Mercy with her own group.

14. Ninja TV Time: C+ Drama: B- Last Week: 15 (+1)

The first half of this episode ninja was invisible, not getting any interviews or much screen time. The second half of the episode was a different story. A decent amount of interviews, plus the added involvement in the Dee/Rogan drama. Ninja keeping Dee closer to her will help solidify her spot within the alliance and move her out of the bottom.

15. Kayleigh TV Time: C+ Drama: C+ Last Week: 16 (+1)

Kayleigh was almost an afterthought this episode. All the drama in the house was with her  alliance members, just nothing for her. Kayleigh is heavily protected by Joss, because of this and Dee's head now on the chopping block, can allow Kayleigh to coast to a final.

16. Ashley TV Time: D+ Drama: D+ Last Week: 12 (-4)

This was a very quiet episode for Ashley. Very little camera time or interviews. Did well in the daily challenge with no defender. Ashley has the characteristics of a top 5 Challenger, and the edit didn't allow it this week it appeared. Look for Ashley to bounce back sooner rather than later.

Jenny Finished 17th

This was a so-so episode for Jenny all the way to the end. The ending is going to live in the minds of challenge fans and competitors forever, as Jenny got steamrolled over on The Killing Floor in Hall Brawl. Jenny had a good run this season but left more to be desired. This reality check of getting destroyed by a vet, should be a motivational point to never underestimate your opponents and overestimate herself.

Theo Finished 18th

Georgia Finished 19th

Turbo Finished 20th (DQ)

Idris Finished 21st

Kyle Finished 22nd

Esther Finished 23rd

Bear Finished 24th

Nicole Finished 25th 

Bananas Finished 26th 

Laurel Finished 27th

Wes Finished 28th

Tula “Big T” Finished 29th

Faith Finished 30th (Quit)

Zahida Finished 31st (Family)

Sean Finished 32nd

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