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LWC Power Ranker S35 Week 1

Hello all, and welcome back to the “Unofficial Official” Power Rankings covering MTV’s The Challenge. These power rankings will be a combination of episode performance, TV time (including interviews and conversations), and drama (whether they were involved, plus the added significance of it). These power rankings carry over from week to week! * These power rankings are completely spoiler free! *

This episode was packed with introductions, a fun daily challenge called Battle Lines, and of course a new hookup. A new twist was brought up after the AirStrike eliminaiton that is going to change the game. Seven rookies made their way onto the challenge as well as seven former champions and all four defending champions from War of the Worlds 2.

#1 Rogan Confessionals - 5 Daily Finish - 1st

Each season Rogan does, he separates himsefl from challenge fans initial thoughts of him being medically evacuated from Vendettas. One of the four defending champions this season, Rogan showed up to the first daily challenge, outlast the 13 other males on his way to his first solo win. Being safe from the first elimination is key to developing a good pace, however Rogan can't avoid elimination this season. Look for him to try to wheel and deal his way through this game. If what was seen in the tribunal interrogation room comes true, he gained an ally in Cory and might have put to bed his hate for Kyle momentarily.

#2 Jenny Confessionals - 3 Daily Finish - 1st

If you had to pick before the daily started who would dominate, about 90 percent of fans would've said Jenny will crush it. With what is being labeled as a weak female cast physically, it's still very strong politically. Jenny, who favor's the former more, showed just that with a performance Rogan deemed "Leaving everyone else in the dust". If Jenny can learn from her trust mistake from last season and pair that with her power, she will go very far in this game.

#3 CT Confessionals - 1 Daily Finish - T-2nd

It doesn't matter which CT shows up to a challenge, because the end result is that he will beast it out every day. CT hung in with the young guys in Rogan and Fessy all the way to the end. Being a defending champion, he is bringing his momentum to this season and is even calling out names during nominations (thanks to Bananas being so polite and letting CT lead deliberations), which resulted in the house being in agreement to send in the rookie first. The elimination twist is interesting, because will CT send himself in, or will somebody actually call him out 1-on-1?

#4 Dee Confessionals - 3 Daily Finish - 2nd

Since her fist season, Dee has received a lot of critcism on her performance, largly due to her lack of swimming experience. However, what Dee does have experience in, is being half of the Quad Squad with former teammate Wes. It showed this episode as Dee was with Jenny all the way to the end and beat out 12 other females. Dee is a well balanced player of brains and braun. If this season stays on land, Dee could start to make herself a household name.

#5 Jay Confessionals - 14 Daily Finish - T-10th

Talk about making a strong impression as a rookie. Jay came into this game by way of Survivor and had a little target on his back due to being Bananas current girlfriends' ex. Jay had a fast exit in the daily, however got the most confessionals and was in the top 5 of actual camera time due to the edit. Jay got voted into elimination by the Tribunal, then proved he was the real deal. Getting the sweep on Asaf in elimination is a nice way to start your challenge career.

#6 Cory Confessionals - 5 Daily Finish - T-7th

After a 3 season break, Cory is back and he looks more focused than ever. Cory was outpacing all the males in the opening daily challenge however fell short due to the puzzle and math. Had this been just physical he might have won this daily just based on his first leg. Put that with his screen time and add in that he was selected for the Tribunal helps his ranking. Sometimes being in the middle is the right spot in this game. The only disappointing thing from this episode was him not using his temporary power in exchange for something from Wes, could've provided a new sub-alliance.

#7 Fessy Confessionals - 4 Daily Finish - T-2nd

When you talk about making a major impact right out of the gate, Fessy delivered. Placing in the top 3 in his first daily challenge showed he is a physical force to be reckoned with. Being able to show he can compete and still not get his named called show that he's going to get the Joss treatment. These vets will keep him around until the opportunity to put him in against a big dog presents itself. If Fessy can add in some to the BB alliance than he could win this game.

#8 Bananas Confessionals - 7 Daily Finish - T-4th

Speculation on if Bananas and Wes could ever work together has finally been tested. Veterans teaming up is a smart move with seven rookies enterign the game at the same time. Bananas tied for fourth in the daily challenge showing he's still got it. Bananas got several interviews as expected as well as camera time. Him nominating CT to start the deliberation was gold and was his attempt to ruffle some feathers. This is the type of season Bananas needs where there are so many other targets that he should be able to last longer than in War of the Worlds 2.

#9 Wes Confessionals - 7 Daily Finish - T-10th

Wes was his usual self in the premier. Cracking jokes, getting a bulk of camera time, and showing he can put differences aside for a bigger cause. Wes showed up in better shape than last season and is wanting to try a new strategy or laying low and staying off others' radar. The confrontation with Asaf was interesting as he didn't really keep his cool. Being able to walk into the Tribunals interrogation and leave with little being done to him or offered, this was a successful episode for the bearded man.

#10 Nany Confessionals - 5 Daily Finish - T-8th

Nany's placement on this list might surprise fans. However, this is where she belongs this week. She was one of the women who get eliminated from the daily challenge early on, yet that didn't stop her from sticking to your screens all episode. Her hook up with Asaf and her large ammount of camera time are what helps push her up this list. Look for Nany and her "Holy Trinity" alliance to demand a lot of challenge talk from others as they will be looked at as a threatening unit of numbers.

Heres how the rest of the challenges placed this week.

#11 Jordan Confessionals - 7 Daily Finish - T-10th

#12 Kyle Confessionals - 7 Daily Finish - T-7th

#13 Ashley Confessionals - 4 Daily Finish - T-8th

#14 Bear Confessionals - 3 Daily Finish - T-4th

#15 Tori Confessionals - 3 Daily Finish - T-3rd

#16 Aneesa Confessionals - 2 Daily Finish - T-3rd

#17 Bayleigh Confessionals - 3 Daily Finish - T-6th

#18 Josh Confessionals - 3 Daily Finish - T-4th

#19 Kaycee Confessionals - 1 Daily Finish - T-3rd

#20 Jenna Confessionals - 2 Daily Finish - T-8th

#21 Nelson Confessionals - 1 Daily Finish - T-7th

#22 Kailah Confessionals - 2 Daily Finish - T-8th

#23 Mattie Confessionals - 1 Daily Finish - T-6th

#24 Big T Confessionals - 2 Daily Finish - T-8th

#25 Jenn Confessionals - 2 Daily Finish - T-8th

#26 Swaggy C Confessionals - 0 Daily Finish - T-10th

#27 Melissa Confessionals - 1 Daily Finish - T-8th

#28 Asaf Confessionals - 10 Daily Finish - T-10th

The rookie with the largest resume is also the first one out the door. A man who is often misunderstood and who sometimes misunderstands what he is there to do on the challenge, and thats compete. Hooking up with Nany was a good start for him, however he could never get the wheels going during deliberations and was voted in to elimination by the majority. The elimination didn't go his way either, as his grip wasn't secured the way he wanted it to be. By the way he was trying to adjust early, the writing was on the wall for him. Even though Asaf went home early, he has the profile of what MTV wants in a challenger, expect him to be back very soon.

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