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LWC Power Ranker S35 Week 5

Hello all, and welcome back to the “Unofficial Official” Power Rankings covering MTV’s The Challenge. These power rankings will be a combination of episode performance, TV time (including interviews and conversations), and drama (whether they were involved, plus the added significance of it). These power rankings carry over from week to week! * These power rankings are completely spoiler free! *

We are back after taking a week off for these articles. Week 5 brought the fans a fun looking challenge in Bomb Squad, which required players to work as a team to get the four sections of the mission done. We saw who had the ability to focus and who didn't. The house was covered in drama as Jordan and Josh went at it with Wes at different times. This feels like a fuse is about at its end and a more explosive situation will come out of this. The house went the easy way and voted Jay into elimination. A cliffhanger left us all asking what happened to Jay after Rogan pinned his arm on that tackle.

1. Wes - Confessionals: 15 / Daily Finish: T-5th / Last Week: 4 (+3)

Wes dominated this episode in all ways except his team's daily performance. That wasn't his fault as he couldn't complete his part of the job without Jay giving him the numbers. Wes got into two different conflicts with Jordan and Josh, yet his name was never really in danger of going into elimination. Wes put Josh in his place by letting him know that they are not rivals in any way as Wes only targets people who can beat him in a final. Wes drove the entertainment for the episode from start to finish. *Side note, Wes is now potentially working with the rest of TYB after mentoring Hunter is nice to see. Wes always works with different people every season and it's a fresh group to work with. *

2. Rogan - Confessionals: 14 / Daily Finish: 4th / Last Week: 6 (+4)

Rogan was all about getting revenge on Jay this episode. He's upset that he kissed Dee (although it was all on her) and needed to avenge the loss of his alliance member in CT. Motivation lead Rogan to being on our screens for a large chunk of the episode. This reeks of a future rivals pairing. Rogan got his wish to go into elimination after messing up the daily challenge or his team and appears to be on his way to an elimination win after Jay looks to be injured. Rogan going the CT route is smart, because if he is getting this red skull, staying out of elimination the rest of the way is key.

3. Bananas - Confessionals: 9 / Daily Finish: T-5th / Last Week: 2 (-1)

Bananas continues to carve a role in the show just by being around. His fire has cooled off as the house saw a shift in attention to Wes this week. This alliance is working very well right now, and not even common friends between the two really know. The fact that he's not a threat by those around him are starting to prove that this plan is working as they expected. The move down comes from not being able to perform in the daily challenge but again not his fault as Bear couldn't listen or remember the numbers given to him, and the combo of Wes and Rogan dominating our screens for 90-minutes.

4. Dee - Confessionals: 4 / Daily Finish: T-5th / Last Week: 1 (-3)

Dee is getting her wish. Two men are now going at it in a physical elimination based on a make out session and jealousy. Dee lead Jay to the dog house as she switched her choice back to Rogan and voting in Jay. Dee never got a chance to perform in this daily due to a DQ from the guys. Dee stays in the top 5 because right now she is the female of the season in terms of focus and performance. Look for Dee to regain control in the coming weeks.

5. Jenny - Confessionals: 2 / Daily Finish: 2nd / Last Week: 8 (+3)

Every week Jenny turns in great daily performances as expected, but doesn't have any drama involvement. Jenny is set to coast through this season as I don't know any female are going to call her out before the final, and with how well she does in daily's it seems possible. Jenny is going to struggle to move higher than number five on this list unless she can make a power move to help her game or get some more camera time.

6. Jay - Confessionals: 11 / Daily Finish: T-5th / Last Week: 3 (-3)

Jay was one of the highlights this week as the edit lead us to his name getting called into elimination for the third male week in a row. Jay being labeled as "weak" is surprising and just shows how much of a scared game the rest of the house is playing. Jay did blow it this week in the daily challenge, which was the only thing that would've prevented him from going into elimination. During elimination Jay never backed down and told the Tribunal to put in Rogan even though he was at a disadvantage going into a physical elimination. Right now Jay is down and hurt. Hopefully, he can get back up and show his toughness.

7. Bear - Confessionals: 9 / Daily Finish: T-5th / Last Week: 9 (+2)

The golden boy wanted to hook up with Kailah and this week he finally did. Bear sets his sights on a woman and normally ends up hooking up with them during the season. Bear messed up in the daily challenge yet is liked enough by the editing team to get a comedic edit. Despite his shortcomings in the daily and the whole house upset with him due to last weeks fire extinguisher shenanigans, Bear managed to stay out of elimination.

8. Jordan - Confessionals: 6 / Daily Finish: 2nd / Last Week: 10 (+2)

Jordan has to be close to going into elimination, as he keeps voting for himself every week. Like him or hate him, Jordan does well every week and never backs down form a challenge. This week it was a fight with Wes. These two do not like each other in the challenge and it should be expected that one will strike for the other soon. Jordan added another great performance in the daily as his squad were only two seconds away from a win. As soon as Jordan does get a win, he will be putting himself into elimination.

9. Cory - Confessionals: 2 / Daily Finish: 3rd / Last Week: 7 (-2)

Cory is in a very safe spot right now as he is in the middle as far as performance and drama combined. He's been making an impact as an athlete but has been staying out of trouble when it comes to drama. This will let Cory sit comfortably in this game until he's ready to strike. The one thing holding Cory back is his number one Nelson who seems to be putting his foot in his mouth from time to time. if he can get Nelson to stay in his lane, this pair can make it far.

10. Swaggy C - Confessionals: 4 / Daily Finish: 1st / Last Week: 12 (+2)

Swaggy C is in the Tribunal for the third week and has now been on the winning squad twice. This is leading up to a very impressive season. Swaggy C needs to start using this power to his advantage as these opportunities won't come around every week. If Swaggy can start making bigger moves and not just sit in the background on the decision making, he can move up this list more and more.

11. Josh - Confessionals: 12 / Daily Finish: 1st / Last Week: 17 (+6)

12. Aneesa - Confessionals: 2 / Daily Finish: 2nd / Last Week: 11 (-1)

13. Tori - Confessionals: 2 / Daily Finish: T-5th / Last Week: 5 (-8)

14. Bayleigh - Confessionals: 2 / Daily Finish: 3rd / Last Week: 13 (-1)

15. Kailah - Confessionals: 6 / Daily Finish: T-5th / Last Week: 16 (+1)

16. Kaycee - Confessionals: 3 / Daily Finish: 1st / Last Week: 21 (+5)

17. Nelson - Confessionals: 9 / Daily Finish: 4th / Last Week: 23 (+6)

18. Jenna - Confessionals: 5 / Daily Finish: 2nd / Last Week: 22 (+5)

19. Fessy - Confessionals: 0 / Daily Finish: 2nd / Last Week: 14 (-5)

20. Big T - Confessionals: 4 / Daily Finish: 4th / Last Week: 15 (+5)

21. Kyle - Confessionals: 4 / Daily Finish: 2nd / Last Week: 20 (-1)

22. Mattie - Confessionals: 3 / Daily Finish: 4th / Last Week: 19 (-3)

23. Nany - Confessionals: 3 / Daily Finish: T-5th / Last Week: 18 (-5)

24. Melissa - Confessionals: 0 / Daily Finish: 3rd / Last Week: 24 (-)

Ashley - 25th Place

CT - 26th Place

Jenn - 27th Place

Asif - 28th Place

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