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LWC Power Ranker S35 Week 6

Hello all, and welcome back to the “Unofficial Official” Power Rankings covering MTV’s The Challenge. These power rankings will be a combination of episode performance, TV time (including interviews and conversations), and drama (whether they were involved, plus the added significance of it). These power rankings carry over from week to week!

* These power rankings are completely spoiler free! *

A week that came back from a cliff hanger, left off with a cliff hanger. The past two seasons have been great as they have been giving challenge fans the format they want. That being recap, drama, daily, nominations, and then finishing with an elimination. After a lot of drawn out drama, Jenna is contemplating quitting the game to go home and repair her relationship with Zach. The playful flirting between Kailah and Bear has reached an entertaining aspect for the challengers in the bunker. A thrilling daily challenge called “Fast and Furious” has pairs of teammates yelling at each other with accusations getting thrown to the wind. We end with the never satisfying cliff hanger.

1. Bananas Confessionals - 10 Daily Finish - 2nd Last Week – 3 (+2)

Bananas has been getting a lot of camera time over the past couple of weeks with his only storyline being when he upset Ashley and his secret alliance with Wes. Despite this he continues to pop his head into every situation he can. Onto the daily challenge, he completely worked that daily and only lost out on first by a few seconds. With camera time and daily work like this, he will continue to sit atop the rankings.

2. Wes Confessionals – 6 Daily Finish – T-4th Last Week – 1 (-1)

Wes takes a small tumble as the only thing that separated him from Bananas this episode was him timing out on the daily. If given 30 more seconds he looked to be finishing the puzzle. Wes pushes the mold with his involvement in the house drama. Sometimes when he puts his producer hat on it can affect his game, however his work with Kailah was impressive. Just for that fact that she worked so well with him. Outside of his rookie season, Wes has shown to be a great supporting partner no matter the skill set of his teammate.

3. Rogan Confessionals – 6 Daily Finish – T-4th Last Week - 2 (-1)

Rogan took Jay out via concussion and earned his red skull. Rogan clearly had the advantage due to size and experience from Rugby in being physical like the game allows him to be. Rogan did alright on the daily even though he did not finish the job. Rogan might be in the most comfortable spot in the game for the males. It will be interesting to see if this relationship with Dee will continue to work and fix things or explode in his face.

4. Jordan Confessionals – 11 Daily Finish – 1st Last Week – 8 (+4)

Jordan got to go twice this week on the daily and in one run he got accused of throwing the mission and the other he worked great with Nany to secure the win. Jordan right now is doing everything right to help not only his but Tori’s game as well. If Jordan continues to do this well in the game, he will be set up to keep going far this season.

5. Dee Confessionals – 6 Daily Finish – T-4th Last Week – 4 (-1)

Including Dee, three people in her alliance have red skulls. This is a good thing as it shows they are getting the matchups they want. Dee did not give too much this week outside of some confessionals and a so-so daily performance. This rekindling of a relationship will either give Dee the boost to push through the game on the cloud she wants to ride high or cause a distraction which could take her out of the game mentally.

6. Bear Confessionals – 5 Daily Finish – 3rd Last Week – 7 (+1)

So, Bear is still in love with Kailah and continues his romantic pursuit. This can only get messy as the weeks go on. Moving away from the romance Bear stepped up and placed top 3 this week yet again. He continues to be an underrated competitor each season he is on but keeps delivering the good on dailies. Bear is finding himself in the middle and will need to figure out how to target some of these top dogs in the game to move into the top 5 of these rankings.

7. Jenny Confessionals – 2 Daily Finish – T-4th Last Week – 5 (-2)

This continues to be a weird roller coaster jenny is on. On female days she does not always deliver in the dailies as a top 3 placer. Yet, on male days she is consistently at the top. With her red skull already secured she will be safe and good to coast the rest of the way unless a random purge happened on her worst day and others best day. If Jenny can get more camera time or back in the tribunal, she will enter the top 5 yet again.

8. Tori Confessionals – 7 Daily Finish – T-11th Last week – 13 (+5)

Tori was featured a lot in this episode. This is feeling like a set up for her to enter the elimination and go in against what appears to be a distracted Jenna. This season is making everything backwards on how it normally would be. If Jordan can work, his magic and get Tori in to earn an easy Red Skull it will be smooth sailing to the final for her. Expect next episode to continue the trend of showcasing her on confessionals. Also, Tori killed this daily and might have won had it not been for Josh and his feet 5 seconds into the daily.

9. Swaggy C Confessionals – 5 Daily Finish – T-4th Last Week – 10 (+1)

Swaggy continues to do well in the daily challenges. He is slowly growing on my as a challenger and the more screen time he gets, the more he can entertain. This newly shown KC Club alliance should help himself and Bayleigh make it far in this game.

10. Kailah Confessionals – 4 Daily Finish – T- 4th Last Week – 15 (+5)

Kailah is the one challenger in the top 10 that might surprise most. She is in the showmance with Bear now and is fighting the urge to just go for it. She was set into a house job in a romantic bed setting for her and Bear and to much of the fans surprise she did not blow up yet was just upset. If her pairing with Wes had another 30 seconds this duo would have finished the daily. This pairing worked better so far and her and Bear. The next few weeks will be very telling on what happens with her and Bear and how she will play this game going forward.

11. Aneesa Confessionals - 5 Daily Finish – T- 11th Last Week – 12 (+1)

12. Cory Confessionals - 3 Daily Finish – T-4th Last Week – 9 (-3)

13. Josh Confessionals - 5 Daily Finish – T-11th Last Week – 11 (-2)

14. Jenna Confessionals - 8 Daily Finish – T-4th Last Week – 18 (+4)

15. Kaycee Confessionals - 3 Daily Finish – 3rd Last Week – 16 (+1)

16. Bayleigh Confessionals - 6 Daily Finish – T-4th Last Week – 14 (-2)

17. Nany Confessionals - 6 Daily Finish – 1st Last Week – 23 (+6)

18. Nelson Confessionals - 6 Daily Finish – T-11th Last Week – 17 (-1)

19. Melissa Confessionals - 3 Daily Finish – 2nd Last Week – 24 (+5)

20. Fessy Confessionals - 3 Daily Finish – T-4th Last Week – 19 (-1)

21. Kyle Confessionals - 2 Daily Finish – T- 4th Last Week – 21 (-)

22. Big T Confessionals - 2 Daily Finish – T- 4th Last Week – 20 (-2)

23. Mattie Confessionals - 2 Daily Finish – T- 4th Last Week – 22 (-1)

Jay 12th Place

Talk about an impressive season for rookie Jay. This is the best Jay we have had in the challenge ever. Over the course of the early season Jay went into 3 straight eliminations and fought hard in al 3 of them. Being able to come out with a 2-1 elimination record was nice to see. Jay appears to be fit enough for a final. There is no doubt that Jay we be on our screes sooner than later again.

Ashley 13th place

CT 13th Place

Jenn 14th Place

Asif 14th Place

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