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LWC Power Ranker S35 Week 2

Hello all, and welcome back to the “Unofficial Official” Power Rankings covering MTV’s The Challenge. These power rankings will be a combination of episode performance, TV time (including interviews and conversations), and drama (whether they were involved, plus the added significance of it). These power rankings carry over from week to week! * These power rankings are completely spoiler free! *

Week 2 brought out some drama, a fun daily challenge, and maybe the fastest female elimination of all-time. In the daily we saw three teams separate themselves from the rest of the competition based on endurance and strength. Afterwards we saw women fighting over Rogan, and then TJ yet again added a new twist to the game. The strategy for the challenge has changed yet again as the challengers try to adapt to the swerves thrown their way.

#1 Jenny Confessionals - 8 Daily Finish - 3rd Last Week - 2 (+1)

Jenny continues to show that she is not to be messed with. Losing hall brawl last season was the best thing to happen to her. Now she isn't overly confident and knows to play this game like its chess and not checkers. She destroyed the daily challenge alongside her teammates Wes and Jordan. Jenny was outworking 20 plus other challengers, showing how big of a threat she can be if she reaches a final. Convincing Dee to send her into elimination against the weakest female in the house, in what ended up being the easiest elimination for Jenny, was key to her moving up and claiming the top spot this week.

#2 Dee Confessionals - 11 Daily Finish - 1st Last Week - 4th (+2)

Dee continues to improve since her rookie season and has been performing well and playing the social game at a high level. Dee has placed in the top two in back to back dailies, and has made a Tribunal appearance. Dee wasn't happy to see Rogan flirting with another woman so soon after they ended things off. This led to Dee seeing red with wanting Jenn out of the house. The reason Dee doesn't take the top spot this week is due to her letting Jenny get a free elimination win and pissing off Tori/Jordan in doing so.

#3 Cory Confessionals - 1 Daily Finish - 1st Last Week 6th (+3)

One of the biggest surprises this season has been Cory. His last two appearances left little to be desired, yet here he is sitting in the Tribunal in back to back weeks. Cory took advantage of going last on stage two during the daily challenge by going 9/9 on the crate drops. Last week Cory didn't use his Tribunal to his advantage. However, this week Cory stepped up and got some good info out of the meetings. Cory has some momentum going right now, if he can capitalize on it, he could start to run this game.

#4 Rogan Confessionals - 6 Daily Finish - T-4th Last Weeks - 1 (-3)

Rogan took a fall this week, not for his performance or lack of show time, just that the top 3 took up more than him. MTV threw Rogan a bone by casting Jenn, however it didn't take into effect that Dee would target however Rogan was talking to. He is going to have to align with more males to prevent the jealousy of Dee coming after him. Rogan performed well in the daily, falling just short on stage 1. Rogan is getting plenty of screen time, and should continue to as long as he's on the show.

#5 Wes Confessionals - 8 Daily Finish - 3rd Last Week - 9th (+4)

Wes had a really good episode. From being on the dominating team for the daily, to setting Jenn up for failure during the nominations. This will be one of those moments rookies will look at every season and say, I will not let this happen to me. This combo of Wes and Bananas has been fun to watch so far. Wes still has his best work to be shown, as this feels like the appetizer to the main course.

#6 Fessy Confessionals - 1 Daily Finish - 2nd Last Week - 7th (+1)

This rookie is the real deal. Fessy started off strong and carried his team to a 2nd place finish in the daily challenge. He was keeping pace with Jordan showing he can compete against the best in this type of competition. Outside of dominating competitions Fessy has been relatively quiet, with only some fun on-screen appearances. If Fessy wants to keep this spot he needs to continue to finish towards the top in the daily challenges because his lack of confessionals will start to affect his rankings.

#7 Jordan Confessionals - 7 Daily Finish - T-3rd Last Week - 11 (+4)

Jordan had a very interesting episode if you look at social media. Half are saying he came across as a sore loser, and the other half will speak on how he beat everyone in the daily and that production messed up putting his team up first even though they lapped all the other teams in stage one. Jordans attitude won't win over his haters, however he plays the game the only way he knows how, and that's all or nothing. Jordan being upset at Dee's decision to not send in his fiance to the first female elimination will be a story to follow in the upcoming episodes.

#8 Bananas Confessionals - 5 Daily Finish - T-4th Last Week - 8 (-)

This was a balanced episode for the banana man. Nothing noteworthy form the daily challenge, outside of his commentary. His screen presence is what helped him maintain his standing this week. This pairing with Wes and his bashing of Jordan are going to make for some drama in the upcoming weeks. Bananas normally performs better in daily challenges than he has so far, so expect him to make his way into the Tribunal sooner rather than later.

#9 CT Confessionals - 3 Daily Finish - T-4th Last Week - 3rd (-6)

The vet makes a tumble down these rankings. CT was barely around for the daily and only got a few confessionals. This was a down week compared to last week. CT is leaving a lot on the table and needs to gain some power to be able to go into elimination as most won't call him out. For Ct to move back up he needs to make the Tribunal, win an elimination or just dominate an episode with screen time.

#10 Tori Confessionals - 8 Daily Finish - T-4th Last Week - 15 (+5)

So, Tori didn't win the daily, nor did she convince Dee to send her into the first female elimination. However, she took over screen time, not just in confessionals but in the drama revolving around Dee and her choice of who to put into elimination. Tori was fuming, as was Jordan, so I wouldn't be surprised if Tori didn't call out Dee into an elimination to get revenge.

Here's how the rest of the challengers placed this week.

#11 Jay Confessionals - 2 Daily Finish - T-4th Last Week 5 (-6)

#12 Kyle Confessionals - 1 Daily Finish - T-4th Last Week - 12 (-)

#13 Josh Confessionals - 2 Daily Finish - T-4th Last Week -18 (+5)

#14 Bear Confessionals - 4 Daily Finish - T-4th Last Week -14 (-)

#15 Swaggy C Confessionals - 3 Daily Finish - 1st Last Week - 26th (+11)

#16 Nany Confessionals - 0 Daily Finish - T-4th Last Week - 10 (-6)

#17 Ashley Confessionals - 3 Daily Finish - T-4th Last Week - 13 (-4)

#18 Bayleigh Confessionals - 3 Daily Finish - T-4th Last Week - 17 (-1)

#19 Big T Confessionals - 5 Daily Finish - T-4th Last Week - 23 (+4)

#20 Aneesa Confessionals - 3 Daily Finish - T-4th Last Week - 16 (-4)

#21 Mattie Confessionals - 1 Daily Finish - T-4th Last Week - 23 (+2)

#22 Kailah Confessionals - 1 Daily Finish - T-4th Last Week - 22 (-)

#23 Kaycee Confessionals - 0 Daily Finish - T-4th Last Week - 19 (-4)

#24 Melissa Confessionals - 3 Daily Finish - 2nd Last Week - 27 (+3)

#25 Nelson Confessionals - 0 Daily Finish - T-4th Last Week - 21 (-4)

#26 Jenna Confessionals - 0 Daily Finish - T-4th Last Week - 20 (-6)

#27 Jenn Confessionals - 6 Daily Finish - T-4th

When I first saw Jenn cast for this season I thought she was brought in to be a pretty face and that's it. I was correct. DUring the daily challenge Jenn was making Josh carry two crates at a time. Jenn picked fights with a few females in the house, showing her prospect's age in the challenge. Unlike Asaf who could return, I feel Jenn was brought in to stir up drama with Dee over Rogan and will not make a return in the future. Jenns challenge career lasted one episode longer than her Amazing Race run, so there's that.

Asaf Finished 28th

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