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LWC Power Ranker: Week 5

War of the Worlds 2 

Power Rankings – Week 5

Hello all, and welcome back to the most unbiased power rankings covering MTV’s The

Challenge. These power rankings will be a combination of episode performance, TV time

(including interviews and conversations), and drama (whether they were involved, plus the added

significance of it). These power rankings carry over from week to week! * These power

rankings are completely spoiler free! * 

What a crazy episode. This season has been intense week-to-week, and this episode did

not fail to deliver big moments. Team USA and Team UK are in a race to destroy themselves

from the inside faster than they can work together. Before the real drama picked up the two

teams competed in the daily challenge titled hooked up which was an awesome zip line and

swimming race. In the end Team USA pulled out the victory by just over a minute and took back

control of the game. Drama continue to build as Team USA turn on their own again by voting in

bananas to go against Theo in the proving ground game die for me.

1. Paulie TV Time: A+ Drama: A+ Last Week: 10 (+9)

 The new king of the challenge has arrived. Paulie started this episode off by convincing

all of Team USA to relinquish power and I liked him as the speaker of their team for the

tribunal. During the daily challenge Polly was only two seconds slower than Jordan, and

hope to lead his team to victory. When it came time to nominating a competitor to go against

Theo in elimination, Paulie followed his girlfriend and nominated Bananas to go toe-to-toe.

This power move ends up playing off as Bananas loses and gets sent home.

2. Theo TV Time: A Drama: A+ Last Week: 6 (+4)

Theo did everything he had to in this episode except for convincing his team to not throw

them into elimination. When it came down to it though Theo put everything on the line to

send home Johnny Bananas. Down on the proving grounds he had to squeeze his very tall

self into a small 3-foot cage. If feel can build a cohesive unit on team UK they can go very

far. If him and Rogan keep fighting, this is going to be a long road to the finals.

3. Bear TV Time: B+ Drama: A Last Week: 1 (-2)

 Bear had an interestingly 2 nd fiddle episode. He had a great performance in the daily

challenge and his alliance member Theo won an elimination. Right now, Bear, Theo and

Georgia don’t have the numbers, but they all have won an elimination and are the best

competitors on their team. Bear still gave great interviews.

4. Georgia TV Time: C+ Drama: B- Last Week: 3 (-1) 

 Georgia did not have the typical dominating presence of an episode that she only has but

she was the second fastest female swimmer killing this daily challenge. Reliance has low

numbers but is physically strong and should hold together this season.

5. Cara TV Time: A Drama: A Last Week: 9 (+4) 

The queen of the episode was all over the episode from interviews to TV time and all of

the drama. from the very beginning it was obvious that Cara was going after Johnny

Bananas. Taking this show over from using her emotions to persuade somebody’s opinion, 2

Altima money not having a care about what her team would say that she was getting

somebody back for throwing a challenge. The reason why Cara does not move higher up is

due to her poor swimming performance.

6. Jordan TV Time: B+ Drama: B+ Last Week: 14 (+8) 

 Jordan quickly returns to the top 10 after a short hiatus. Being the fastest swimmer out of

both teams it’s what helps move him up. He also got his third tribunal out of four

opportunities. with Johnny Bananas and Wes being eliminated from the game, Jordan looks

to be at the top of the ego mountain. Will he be the next male target?

7. CT TV Time: B+ Drama: B+ Last Week: 8 (+1) 

 Whenever CT is involved in some drama, it is gold. Every week when it comes time to

vote all of Team UK appears to be confused on where CTs allegiance is. Due to his seasoned

condition he swam really well in the daily challenge and was the motivating voice for Team


8. Kyle TV Time: C+ Drama: B Last Week: 5 (-3) 

Kyle is not happy with the way his team performs and even more so how they vote their

best players into elimination. Challenge fans have got to be dying to see Kyle in an

elimination, have him get a win and be the first turncoat of the season.

9. Rogan TV Time: B+ Drama: A Last Week: 17 (+8)

Rogan took down a champion, the reigning champion Turbo, in the daily challenge. On

top of that he sent in his number one rival on his own team Theo into elimination. Rogan has

started to gain steam as a political leader within his alliance.

10. Zach TV Time: B+ Drama: B+ Last Week: 11 (+1) 

Zach got a lot of TV time this week. doing well in the daily challenge helped set the tone

for his ranking, as well as his calling out Ninja and then later mending a relationship with her

by apologizing for what he said. If Ninja believes him, he could’ve gained a number to use

for help.

11. Kam TV Time: C+ Drama: C+ Last Week: 7 (-4) 

Kam falls some spots due to being hidden for a good bit. With Laurel and Bananas being

gone, Kam should be able to cruise through this challenge due to this. Look for Kam to make

another power move if she gets more power or another Tribunal. 

12. Ninja TV Time: B- Drama: C+ Last Week: 4 (-8) 

Wow, what a couple of poor showings for a competitor who’s supposed to be dominant

in everything. Her poor swimming ability just goes to show that anybody can have a bad day

on the challenge. Ninja needs to step up her game in the dailies going forward. For this week

she is the biggest faller of the week. 

13. Josh TV Time: B Drama: B Last Week: 12 (-1) 

An interesting week for Josh. At the beginning he relinquishes power to be in the tribunal

over the Paulie who he trusts. Then has a really strong time in the daily challenge. And

ultimately gets betrayed by his friend Paulie, and loses one of his alliance members in


14. Ashley TV Time: C+ Drama: C+ Last Week: 15 (+1) 

Ashley takes a small step up this week due to somebody above her getting eliminated.

Nothing much good or bad to showcase here. She did well in the daily and wasn’t involved

too much in the drama.

15. Jenny TV Time: B- Drama: C Last Week: 24 (+9) 

The biggest riser of the week, as Jenny finally decided to show up and be the stud she is

in the daily. Put swimming most of the men and all of the women was a nice coming out

party for Jenny. Now, it needs to be seen if she has a social game, which will help move her

into the top 10. 

16. Leroy TV Time: C+ Drama: C+ Last Week: 16 (-) 

Another week another number 16 ranking for Leroy. This is completely not on purpose,

just being ironic that the guy who always plays in the middle has found himself here as well.

Leroy did lose his #1 man, but that might end up helping him in the long run. Leroy

continues to put himself into the middle of everything. This should propel him up in the

rankings as the other top dogs keep going after each other. 

17. Dee TV Time: C+ Drama: B Last Week: 13 (-4)

Dee moves down because she’s not a good swimmer and this was a swimming challenge.

On top of that her alliance continues to hold the numbers on team UK which keeps her from

falling more.

18. Tori TV Time: C+ Drama: C+ Last Week: 18 (-)

This was a quiet episode for Tori as all she really did was have a conversation with

Jordan and Paulie. She did well on the daily challenge but not enough to move her either


19. Joss TV Time: C Drama: C Last Week: 21 (+2)

Joss is almost like a robot week-to-week. There is little to no emotion brought out. Joss

needs to step up his drama game and start trying to lead his team. The one positive going for

him this episode was how fast he swam in the daily challenge even though his carabiner was

caught for several seconds.

20. Nicole TV Time: B- Drama: D Last Week: 26 (+6) 

For the first time this season Nicole showed up. Doing very well in the daily challenge

even though she had a fear of jumping which slowed her down by 15 to 20 seconds. Outside

of that, there wasn't much else to see from her this episode. Her performance moves her up

six spots and away from the bottom.

21. Nany TV Time: C Drama: D Last Week: 20 (-1) 

As we enter the bottom five, we start with Nany who didn’t do much, including bringing

out an unnoticeable performance. Losing an alliance member and being at the bottom of

Team USA is not going to make her time on the show easy.

22. Idris TV Time: D Drama: D- Last Week: 19 (-3)

The frustration go forward more and more as Idris continues to not be able to swim. His

personality is still bland, and he has yet to stand out, outside of his elimination win back in

week 1.

23. Turbo TV Time: D+ Drama: C- Last Week: 22 (-1) 

Here we are, the part of the power rankings for challenge fans begin to get frustrated and

angry about the placement of their superhero Turbo. Another week, and another poor

performance from Turbo. Expectations are so high for the defending champion, and he has

yet to live up to them. The performances that have been coming in from Turbo, are starting to

be a showing of a one-hour wonder.

24. Kayleigh TV Time: D Drama: D Last Week: 23 (-1)

Kayleigh was invisible this episode. Nothing to cover on her from this week. Laying low

is smart and letting Kam take all the deflections when it comes to the drama.

25. Esther TV Time: D Drama: C Last Week: 26 (+1)

Even Ninjas poorly swimming could not be outdone by Esther who continues to be the

worst performer in the challenge this season. From a competitive standpoint, she needs to go

into an elimination and prove her worth.

26. Bananas Finished 26 th

Long live the legend known as the Banana man. A downhill effect of the challenge

started to work its magic after getting Wes send into elimination. Throwing a challenge

spelled karma (or Karma Maria as some will say). Bananas needs to step up and change his

game to make it farther into a season. Pulling the trigger so soon was the downfall for him, if

he can hold off more next season and develop a stronger alliance, then the record hold might

be able to make it back to a final.

27. Laurel Finished 27th

28. Wes Finished 28th

29. Tula “Big T” Finished 29th 

30. Faith Finished 30th 

31. Zahida Finished 31st 

32. Sean Finished 32 nd

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