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LWC Power Ranker: Week 7

War of the Worlds 2 

Power Rankings – Week 7

Hello all, and welcome back to the most unbiased power rankings covering MTV’s The

Challenge. These power rankings will be a combination of episode performance, TV time

(including interviews and conversations), and drama (whether they were involved, plus the added

significance of it). These power rankings carry over from week to week! * These power

rankings are completely spoiler free! * 

The challenge stepped up its game providing the viewers with a lot of drama some more

internal arguments and fighting and a pissed-off Turbo. A daily challenge that provided

endurance, strength, and a mental aspect to complete was both unique and challenging.

Arguments for started, sides were divided, and a smashing good time was had in this creative

Hall Brawl.

1. Jordan TV Time: A+ Drama: A+ Last Week: 2 (+1)

Jordan completely dominated this episode from start to finish. At the beginning with

again being annoyed at how his fellow challengers, Jordan found himself surrounded in

everyone else’s filth. During the daily challenge Jordan was manning the back of the pyramid

and doing a lot better than others. His anger got the best of him and his argument with Turbo

almost led to a fight. Jordan coming to apologize was a shock to most views, but as he’s on

his quest for his 3 rd title, he will do whatever it takes to win.

2. CT TV Time: A Drama: A- Last Week: 3 (+1)

CT came into this episode wanting to get his team to listen to him, wanting to be the

leader to get his team to victory. At the beginning of the daily challenge it was really hard for

team UK to listen but eventually they got going. if they would have listened to CT a lot

sooner they might have won this challenge. During nominations CT was again the swing

vote, and chose to side with Rogan and vote in Bear. This worked out and has now put CT in

a good position in the game.

3. Ashley TV Time: B+ Drama: C+ Last Week: 7 (+4)

 Ashley is growing into somewhat of a leader on Team USA. She took charge of

directing the team during the daily challenge and was doing a great job. In comparison Ninja

took the same role and pissed off her team, this just puts Ashley into an even better light.

4. Leroy TV Time: B- Drama: C+ Last Week: 4 (-)  

 Leroy doesn't move this week due to his continued leadership and calming down of

Turbo. Team USA winning has to be contributed to Leroy almost coaching the team


5. Paulie TV Time: B- Drama: C+ Last Week: 1 (-4)

Paulie takes a small fall this week due to the others ahead of him having slightly better

days. While not directly involved in the drama, Paulie had a good amount of interviews and

did well in the daily challenge.

6. Turbo TV Time: A+ Drama: A+ Last Week: 20 (+14) 

Turbo was all over our screens and we finally got to see just how angry he can get when

somebody talks down to him. An apology was all it took to mend fences between him and

Jordan, but you have to wonder if his emotions get the best of him, will he end up in

elimination. Strongest showing for Turbo on the season.

7. Rogan TV Time: B Drama: B+ Last Week: 6 (-1) 

 The leader of group Jogan on team UK found himself in trouble when his team lost the

daily challenge. Immediately thrown under the table for nomination Rogan quickly through

Bears name right back at him to protect himself. Calling himself the new CT is bold, and

trying to never go into elimination is on point for this comparison.

8. Zach TV Time: A Drama: A Last Week: 16 (+8) 

Zach was the All-Star for Team USA during the daily challenge. When all hell broke

loose after team USA's victory, Zach appointed himself as speaker for the team and nobody

disagreed. This showed confidence in Zach from his teammates. Zach pulled one from under

Team UK by voting in Joss, but showed his loyalty to the plan.

9. Tori TV Time: A+ Drama: A+ Last Week: 19 (+10)

Tori did great this episode. She was in the Tribunal, voted for who are team wanted, and

got plenty of camera time. She also got Jordan to apologise which to some was huge.

10. Joss TV Time: C+ Drama: B Last Week: 23 (+13)

Winner of the crazy version of hall brawl as expected. What wasn't expected was how

gassed Joss looked during the elimination. Joss was in complete shock to be voted in as it

appeared to be Rogan who USA was going for. Nonetheless, a win is a win. This improves Joss

to 3-1 in eliminations. 

11. Kyle TV Time: B Drama: B- Last Week: 11 (+1)

Kyle continues to deliver great performances every episode. This week Kyle had the most

interviews which is huge considering the episode revolved around so many other challengers.

With Bear out the door, will Kyle be a target within his own team?

12. Kam TV Time: C Drama: D Last Week: 8 (-4)

A quiet episode for Kam moves her down. Only having a couple of interviews and it

being a male centered episode is the big reason for her lack of time.

13. Dee TV Time: C+ Drama: C+ Last Week: 13 (-)

On male elimination days, Dee gets pushed to the back unless Rogan is a target. Next

week should allow Dee to stand out, but for now she can sit comfortably within her alliance.

14. Cara TV Time: C+ Drama: C- Last Week: 17 (+3)

Cara gets a little bump up due to her team winning and the fact that her team is playing

together. A small amount of interviews were enough to bring Cara up.

15. Jenny TV Time: D- Drama: D- Last Week: 5 (-10)

Jenny was shown winning her elimination in the intro and then a little celebration. After

that she made one final real appearance and that was having the relic land on her head during the

daily challenge. A bad week gives her a huge drop this week. 

16. Josh TV Time: C+ Drama: C+ Last Week: 11 (-5) 

Poor Josh not being able to seal the deal with Georgia unless she's mad at Bear. Now that

Bear is gone it's time for Josh to shoot his shot and see what happens. Mingling with the other team even move might lead to Josh's departure in the future. High risk, high reward. 

17. Georgia TV Time: B Drama: B Last Week: 10 (-7) 

Losing out on her first choice for comfort is huge for Georgia. This marks back to back

that she has lost friends and alliance members. She is clearly the next target if team UK keeps

voting the way they have been. Will she snuggle up with Josh now that she has nobody else to

make jealous. 

18. Kayleigh TV Time: C Drama: D Last Week: 21 (+3)

This week there was more TV time to be had for Kayleigh, which is the main component

for her movement. Also her main male alliance member Joss came back safe. 

19. Theo TV Time: D Drama: D Last Week: 15 (-4) 

Theo was a hindrance to his team during the daily challenge due to his height, he then

loses his best friend in the challenge to elimination. Theo now has the biggest target on his

back for team UK if they are to lose another daily during a male elimination day.

20. Ninja TV Time: D Drama: C- Last Week: 14 (-6) 

Ninja has had a couple of rough weeks since she won her elimination. People on Team

USA were not happy with her effort and performance during the daily challenge. ninja was also

the only competitor without an interview during the episode, this is why she falls to the


21. Nany TV Time: D+ Drama: D+ Last Week: 18 (-3) 

After a week in which Nani dominated screen time she falls again to the back with only

really having some talks about how Leroy should have went with her and talking to Turbo about

the situation he's in.

22. Esther TV Time: D Drama: D+ Last Week: 22 (0) 

Esther called out CT, and that's it. Weird move but brash. Hopefully more to come from

Esther as we don't know much about her yet.

23. Idris TV Time: D Drama: D+ Last Week: 24 (+1) 

Yet another week or Idris does nothing. How this guy is keeping his spot on team UK is

very interesting, he just sits in the corner until somebody needs to be used as a swing vote and

then he votes their way. Just disappointing he doesn't even stand out during dailies.

24. Bear Finished 24th  

Bear was fantastic this season as a competitor and as an entertainer. it really shows how

serious he takes these competitions just due to the growth he had from his first to his second

season. Team UK really did drop the ball by sending him one of their best competitors into

elimination. One thing that is for sure Bear we back on our screens sooner rather than later.

25. Nicole Finished 25th  

26. Bananas Finished 26th  

27. Laurel Finished 27th

28. Wes Finished 28th . 

29. Tula “Big T” Finished 29th 

30. Faith Finished 30th 

31. Zahida Finished 31st 

32. Sean Finished 32 nd

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