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LWC Power Ranker: Week 9

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

War of the Worlds 2

Power Rankings – Week 9

Hello all, and welcome back to the most unbiased power rankings covering MTV’s The Challenge. These power rankings will be a combination of episode performance, TV time (including interviews and conversations), and drama (whether they were involved, plus the added significance of it). These power rankings carry over from week to week! * These power rankings are completely spoiler free! *

Week 9 of the challenge provided a fun daily challenge tons of head-to-head drama, and the further dismantling of Team UK. A lot of foreshadowing is being done each episode, as it's only a matter of time before teen USA implodes on itself and starts falling apart. Can Team UK make it to the final with an actual team or is Team USA going to keep steamrolling this game, because right now it looks like nothing can stop team.usa outside of themselves.

1. Ashley TV Time: B+ Drama: A Last Week: 1 (-)

For the second week in a row Ashley keeps the top spot on these rankings. well Ashley didn't get the most TV time and wasn't the center of all the drama, she was deceivingly in the background causing the drama. Ashley is playing the best middle game The challenge has seen to date. Most players that play the middle ground get called out rather quickly, however, she is sliding through this game with power.

2. Jordan TV Time: A Drama: A Last Week: 4 (+2)

Jordan gets a lot of TV time this week and does not back down from calling out Turbo. The majority of the internet has been on turbo side however, Jordan is right that turbo has slacked in a lot of daily challenges, and isn't living up to this persona that he's supposed to be. if Jordans plan to go into elimination win and turncoat is successful he could end up making more money my working with Team UK.

3. Paulie TV Time: A Drama: A Last Week: 3 (-)

No movement this week as Paulie keeps himself on camera and in the drama without being the major storyline. this is something that pretty much only the elite challengers can do. Any time somebody calls out Paulie, he will not back down, as shown when he got in Theo's face.

4. Theo TV Time: A Drama: B Last Week: 12 (+8)

Three eliminations and three victories. This might have been Theo's easiest elimination, as there was no hesitation to completing his puzzle. One of two things are going to have to happen for Theo to make a final, he's going to have to take out all the males on team UK, or team UK is going to have to start mining challenges off the back of his momentum. Getting into fights is becoming a trend for Theo as he doesn't let his thoughts stay in his head.

5. CT TV Time: B+ Drama: B- Last Week: 2 (-3)

CT takes a small fall this week because even though he's taking over the leadership role for team UK, they're still not getting the results they need. Another loss is going to send CT into elimination on a male day as Rogan and Joss won't send each other in. CT needs to make a power move very soon.

6. Tori TV Time: B+ Drama: B Last Week: 8 (+2)

 Tori knows how to keep herself in the minds of her enemies. Always one to defend her man Jordan, she's looking like going toe to toe with Cara is gonna need to happen. if she wants to get farther in this game she's either going to have to be in the tribunal to protect yourself or take out her enemies one by one.

7. Rogan TV Time: B Drama: C+ Last Week: 6 (-1)

 Another UK loss in another week where Rogan escapes going into elimination. Rogan has a lucky charm somewhere that is protecting him (it's Joss). With only four guys left on team UK it is do or die to get into that final, it's time for Rogan to step his game up in dailies.

8. Zach TV Time: B- Drama: C+ Last Week: 5 (-3)

Being one of the intelligent challengers on Team USA, this daily challenge was made for Zach. No real drama yet, or much TV time to stay in the top 5.

9. Leroy TV Time: A- Drama: C+ Last Week: 13 (+4)

Whenever Leroy speaks people listen. Whenever Leroy makes up his mind there's no going back. This episode showed just that Leroy shows aside by sending in Theo. The love doctor is in as Leroy and Kam have connected once again. Leroy has been playing a great game, and this boost in moral is only going to help him out. This is his season to get a win, and he's pulling out all the stops to get there.

10. Cara TV Time: B Drama: B Last Week: 7 (-3)

Cara in Jordan got into a little spat, another disagreement that led Cara and her alliance to get Turbo to go after Jordan. Cara challenging Tori to go straight into elimination is dangerous regardless of how good cara actually is in eliminations. Cara's alliance is running this game, she needs to just grab the bull by the horns in drive her team to victory.

11. Joss TV Time: C+ Drama: C Last Week: 9 (-2)

Right now, Josh is the target of Team USA, well some of Team USA. with the majority of the cast looking at Joss as a threat in both daily challenges and the final, he needs to step up and actually show why their feelings toward him are correct. It's time to put up or shut up. 

12. Turbo TV Time: B- Drama: B- Last Week: 14 (+2)

Two things from Turbo this episode, first he does not like it when people talk behind his back and says negative things. Second, turbo is way too emotional when it comes to verbal confrontation. His ego of being able to take on any man is too risky in a game where eliminations are not a guaranteed win. If Turbo and Jordan could actually work together they could be a very dangerous pair.

13. Kam TV Time: B- Drama: C Last Week: 15 (+2)

Former romance is starting to blossom, and honestly it feels right. Kam's connection with Leroy might be her way of pulling him into their alliance, or it could truly just be done out of love. Either way this could boost Kam's morale even more and be motivation to her movement forward.

14. Georgia TV Time: C Drama: C- Last Week: 11 (-3)

A small fall for Georgia in an episode where the males got the bulk of TV time. Team UK is going to show their true colors next week if they lose. Either they protect Georgia who is clearly one of the strongest females, or they send her in weakening their unit. Georgia has to have the mentality of win or go home for the rest of the season.

15. Josh TV Time: B- Drama: C+ Last Week: 19 (+4)

Josh was pissed off that Paulie has such an influence within this game. Calling out Leroy for only following their plan and not going with Team USA's decision. If the tribunal would have voted with Josh, Idris might still be around. 

16. Ninja TV Time: C- Drama: C- Last Week: 16 (-)

While not being very active in the episode her performance and placement with in Team USA keep her from moving up or down. ninja normally gives good interviews there was just nothing really to see this week. 

17. Dee TV Time: C- Drama: C- Last Week: 10 (-7)

This was not a good episode for Dee, where in the one time she actually ran with the other challengers she passed out due to heat exhaustion. Props must be given for being able to show up the next day and still compete in the daily challenge.

18. Nany TV Time: C+ Drama: C Last Week: 20 (+2)

Nany got a little more screen time this week, but still not enough to really make an impact on the episode or move up in these power rankings. The feeling in the air is at Nanys time is coming very soon. The only way she stays safe is if Team USA continues to roll, and if her team targets Tori before her.

19. Kayleigh TV Time: D+ Drama: D+ Last Week: 17 (-2)

Kayleigh's only connection to drama and TV time is through her alliances in Kam and Joss.

20. Jenny TV Time: D Drama: D Last Week: 18 (-2)

Ever since Jenny's elimination when she has been invisible from our screens. Team UK needs more of her if they're going to win a daily challenge.

Idris Finished 21st

Just like that Idris has been eliminated from the game. The only time you just made an impact on the show was when he was in eliminations. Having poor performance every week as well as never being on TV or involved in any drama angle, just shows how much of a surprise it is that Idris lasted this long in the game.

Kyle Finished 22nd

Esther Finished 23rd

Bear Finished 24th

Nicole Finished 25th 

Bananas Finished 26th 

Laurel Finished 27th

Wes Finished 28th

Tula “Big T” Finished 29th

Faith Finished 30th

Zahida Finished 31st

Sean Finished 32nd

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